Concrete Collective LLC is a Freerunning & Parkour incubator, used to develop multiple FR/PK projects as well as start-ups that have the potential to publicly advance the growth of the sport.








Under the Concrete Collective LLC umbrella was created as a 1 stop shop housing the top Freerunning & Parkour brands from individual clothing proprietors as well as teams across the globe. As Freerunning continues to find its own identity, clothing and accessories play a vital role in establishing that identity. Equally, having access to those brands is just as important, that is where PrimeShop lives.

PrimeShop imports clothing from brands in various parts of the world, making it easier for the end customer to have access  all in one place without the worry of exuberant shipping & customs fees. 

We hope that PrimeShop can inspire others in the Retail sector of the Freerunning & Parkour industry. As this sector grows and more retailers are brought on board, larger orders can be placed with the brands allowing them to manufacture at competitive rates as well as reinvest in events to support the community.




Also in the Concrete Collective LLC family, Concrete Collective Productions is the media arm responsible for the creation & production of multiple web series, commercials, documentaries & theatrical releases. 


A few of our projects include : 

Elevated_EpicTV_Epic_TV_Tempest_Freerunning_Concrete_Collective_Parkour_Action_Sports_Cory_DeMeyers_Jesse_La_Flair 4 part series - ELEVATED 

Elevated is a 4 Episode series created for EpicTV. com

Directed by Jesse La Flair & Cory DeMeyers this series released in March of 2014 received 1,000,000 Views on their site over its 4 episodes in 30 days . Elevated was released exclusively on the EpicTv site and embedded there, then later was re-uploaded to their youtube channel. 


Flow / Base79 4 Part Reality Series - GR8ADVENTURES

Gr8Advenutres is a 4 part Reality/Action Sports series created for the "Flow" channel & Base79 (The largest YOUTUBE MCN outside of North America). It follows 2 athletes across America on a road trip to explore an abandon 6 Flags theme park that was left ravaged in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

With a bootstrap budget this series garnered 100K Views on Youtube 

LAced Up (Web Commercial)

Produced in Association with Visive Productions UK, Laced Up is a web commercial & collaborate with Lace Anchors to bring you a LA based parkour and freerunning video highlighting the clean look, feel and freedom Lace Anchors can bring to your shoes.





FROM HERE TO THERE is a documentary that follows best friends and professional freerunners Cory DeMeyers and Jesse La Flair on their 2013 International Freerunning and Parkour Tour. This is the story about their journey to become top athletes and break down boundaries in the fastest growing action sport in the world. Featuring interviews and appearances by top athletes in Freerunning and Parkour, including Jason Paul, Luci “Steel” Romberg, Anan Anwar, Pasha “The Boss,” Shaun Wood, Victor “Showtime” Lopez, Gabe “Jaywalker” Nunez, Frosti, Toby Segar, Marcus Gustavason, Joel Eggiman, and other members of Tempest Freerunning, Team Farang, Ape Connection, Storror Blog, Air Wipp, Krap, and more – this is the inside look into Freerunning and Parkour as told by the Pros.